Puppy Housetraining, Manners and Socialization

You’ll be living with your dog for the next 12-18 years, let’s make them respectful and safe for everyone involved House Training Your Puppy House training your puppy is relatively easy.  The secret is anticipating when your puppy will need to go to the bathroom, taking him or her outside before it happens in [...]

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Litter Box: What to Buy and How To Set Up

Prevent elimination problems and fights in multicat households by purchasing the right litter box and setting it up correctly in your home. What Kind of Litter Box To Buy Cats prefer litter boxes that are at least 1.5 times the length of their bodies. Many commercial litter boxes are too small for larger cats. Plastic storage [...]

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Introducing Other Pets to Your Kitten

Just because you’re in love with your new kitten, doesn’t mean that the animals in your home will be welcoming with open arms. Take precautions that your little one is not injured. Go Slowly It’s important to have realistic expectations when introducing a new pet to a resident pet. Some cats are more social [...]

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