How to Keep Your Cat’s Teeth and Breath Clean

Nearly 100% of adult cats, 3 years of age or older, have some degree of dental disease. Poor oral health leads to secondary infections and has been associated with organ disease and general poor health.  Here’s how to keep your cat’s teeth clean and him out of the dental chair for as long as possible. [...]

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Feline Heartworm Disease: 3 deadly truths

Feline heartworm disease has been diagnosed in all 50 states. The good news is that it can be prevented with a monthly, chewable tablet called Revolution. Spread by Mosquitos Cats become infected with heartworm disease after being bitten by a mosquito carrying the disease.  Recently heartworm disease has spiked in New York due to [...]

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Protection against FeLV and FIV (Leukemia and Immunodeficiency Virus)

You’ve probably heard a great deal about something called FIV and FeLV from the rescue organization or breeder where you got your kitten.  We’ll explain these illnesses here and why it’s important to protect your cat against both. What is FeLV? Feline leukemia virus (feLV) is a retrovirus and cats infected with FeLV serve [...]

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Introducing Other Pets to Your Kitten

Just because you’re in love with your new kitten, doesn’t mean that the animals in your home will be welcoming with open arms. Take precautions that your little one is not injured. Go Slowly It’s important to have realistic expectations when introducing a new pet to a resident pet. Some cats are more social [...]

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