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Dr. Christopher Puzio

Dr. Christopher Puzio is a veterinarian in Rockland County and the medical director at Rockland Veterinary.

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Dr. Christopher Puzio, Rockland County Veterinarian

Dr. Christopher Puzio

Dr. Puzio grew up in suburban Bergen County, NJ. As a young boy, he knew that he would work with and help animals. Dr. Puzio graduated with a BS in Animal Science from Cook College-Rutgers University and with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine with a Masters in Veterinary Pathology from the University of Missouri-Columbia. He has worked hard to bring state-of-the-art veterinary medicine and impeccable client service to the residents of Rockland County.

Dr. Puzio lives at home with his son, Noah, and four rescue animals: an Italian Greyhound named Pickles, an Australian Shepherd named Daphne, a Pomeranian named Captain Jack Sparrow and a Terrier Mix named Buster. In addition to his companion animals, Dr. Puzio also has a small family of birds, a Kenyan Sand Boa and a Gargoyle Gecko.

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