Rescue Outreach

At Rockland Veterinary, we believe that every animal deserves a fighting chance. We accomplish this through our continuous work with shelters and rescue organizations in and around Rockland County. These animals have been given a second chance to live full healthy lives and we aim to help them take their first steps toward forever-home happiness.

Is Adoption Right For You?

Probably! Rescued pets are just as great as dogs purchased from breeders or pet stores and many of our clients and team members would argue that they’re BETTER. Here are some considerations:

  • You’ll Be Together For a Long Time
    With good health and love, you and your dog will be together for 12-16 years; you and your cat will be together for as long as 20! Dogs require daily exercise and attention twice a day. After all they are pack animals, and they want to be in YOUR pack! Cats require less of your personal time, but either will be your roommate for a major portion of your life.  We believe that training pets to have good manners is all you need to ensure a great life together. Still, think about it. It’s a long time. Are you ready for that kind of commitment?
  • Who Are The Other Members of the Household?
    Pets are WONDERFUL companions for children, but it means that you’ll have to supervise the interaction between the two if the children are young. Kids don’t always understand the physical and emotional needs of pets. You need to be on hand to make sure that the two are seeing eye to eye. Do you have other pets? It’s doubtful that any existing pet is going to welcome a new pet animal into the household with open arms…er paws. You’ll need to be available to manage the introductory period and make sure that no one gets hurt. Lastly, never adopt a pet as a way of cementing a crumbling relationship. If you are on the way out with your significant other, adoption isn’t what you need; it’s counseling.
  • Veterinary Health Care
    Adopted pets require annual veterinary care. Most dog owners accept this, but too many cat owners believe that indoor cats only need to see the doctor when they are sick. Not true! Cats, much more so than dogs, are excellent at masking illness. Cats require routine dental cleaning and preventative blood screens to guard against kidney and thyroid disease and diabetes: three illnesses which affect roughly 1 out of every 5 cats over the age of 14. No veterinary practice is more responsive to the financial needs of clients than Rockland, so expect us to do everything we can to keep your pet’s medical costs low. Still, consider your budget before adopting a pet.