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“Wow.. first time dog adopter and they were very informative and patient.  The vet took his time and assured me he was in  good health. When I adopted my pup, the agency had me agree to get him neutered by six months of age without any warning; however, the vet stated not to do it too soon because he needed additional time to grow. He advised to wait until he’s six month old, see how his growth rate is going, and if he’s grown bigger than expected, it would be in my pup’s best interest to wait up to a year. I like this place so far and it’s right next to a kennel service.”

Rudy P.


Pomona is one of three Rockland Veterinary locations.  We are located at 1545 US-202, Pomona, NY 10970.  We are a full service veterinary practice experienced with caring for:



We provide an array of veterinary services and care including:


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We make a special effort to ensure that all of our patients have a stress-free experience at our practice.  If your pet has a history of being anxious at the veterinarian, please use the contact form below to reach out to us before your appointment.  We’ll be able to give you some tips on how to keep him or her calm during the trip to our practice and may even be able to prescribe some calming medication.

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