You’ll fill up your trick-or-treat bag in no time when you and your dog wear matching Halloween outfits. Click on the pictures if you want to see buying options for the costumes on Amazon or support our community’s local businesses listed at the bottom of the page.  Happy Halloween!

UPS Dog Outfit and Matching Mail Carrier.  We don’t just fetch, we deliver.

The Lion Kings. Walk with your pride; let your men roar!

Ruh-roh!  Dress your family like the cast of Scooby Doo.

Giddy Yap Yap Yap!  Dress your dog like a steer and tag behind as a bronco buster.

Pow! Zonk! Whammy!  The Caped Crusaders!

Expecto Patronum!  Dress your family like the cast of Harry Potter and let the dog be Harry!

Don’t kill it!  Spiders are good for the environment!

It’s a bird!  It’s a plane!  It’s A..A..Border Collie…?

What’s the buzz all about?  Bee and flower costumes for pet family.

Keep Halloween Safe For Your Pets


We don’t want to be a drag, but we see enough accidents with pets on Halloween that we want to offer this advice:


If They Don’t Want To Wear the Costume, Don’t Make Them


Gregarious dogs like Retrievers often don’t mind wearing a costume.  Other dogs and most cats hate it.  Try the outfit on your pet before the big night. If your pet is uncomfortable, consider downsizing the costume to a bandana.


Pets Can Be Fearful Of Trick-or-Treaters


Some pets are terrified of people in costume.  If your dog or cat exhibits fear towards someone in costume, lead your dog or cat to a safe space, away from the visitor, until he or she leaves.  Do not torment dogs or cats that are afraid of people dressed in costumes.


Keep An Eye On The Door


Many dogs and some cats don’t like it when the doorbell rings or someone knocks on the door.  If this is the case, keep your pet confined to a part of the house that feels safe and quiet. Be mindful when your door is open to trick-or-treaters and make sure your pet doesn’t bolt outside.


Don’t Trick or Treat With Any Pet That Hasn’t been Microchipped


It’s very easy to lose a pet during Halloween, especially if he or she is frightened by a loud noise or a costume.  Microchips are excellent ways to identify your dog or cat if he or she gets lost. We offer an affordable microchip service here at Rockland.  In some cases, the procedure can be done as a regular outpatient appointment. Read more about microchips on the American Veterinary Medical Association’s website.


Keep An Eye On The Candy Bag


Every Halloween, we treat 1 or 2 dogs that have ingested chocolate.  Chocolate is toxic to pets, but if they scarf down any of the other candies in your bag they’ll likely also become ill.


Costumes and Cats


We purposefully did not include cats dressed up for Halloween because it’s our experience that most don’t like it.  If you dog or cat is uncomfortable with a costume, please don’t force him or her to wear it.


Don’t Eat The Costume!


Keep an eye on your pet and make sure that he or she doesn’t chew off a piece of his costume.

Shop Locally!


These pet stores are local and sell a limited supply of pet costumes.

Westwood Pets

Croton Pet Station

Donna’s Pet Depot

Meet Your Medical Team!


North Rockland




Hudson Valley


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