The following is a list of parasites that are common to our area and that we routinely see on or in cats.  Protect your feline against the following:

External Parasites (found on the hair and skin of cats)

Found almost everywhere in the world, all cats are at risk for flea infection (even indoor cats). Fleas not only cause skin disease, but typically transmit other serious illnesses, such as tapeworm and bacterial infections. Protect your cat against fleas, heartworm disease, mites, and most intestinal parasites listed on this page with Revolution. See our current sales promotion for Revolution on our online store.

Mites, especially ear mites, are common in cats.   Mites are highly contagious to other animals, cause significant irritation and pain, and can lead to bacterial infections. Other types of mites, like sarcoptic and mange mites, live on the skin of cats.  Like ear mites, they can be a source of secondary infection and intense itching.

Ticks are extremely prevalent in our area.  In fact, the tick population in Rockland County is at an historic high. Ticks carry serious diseases and are a source of skin irritation.  In our area, it is essential to protect your cat against ticks. We recommend the above-mentioned product, Revolution.

Internal Parasites

Roundworms are common in kittens and young adult cats. Cats can acquire roundworms via several routes so that even indoor cats are at risk. Kittens commonly acquire roundworms from their mother so all kittens should be treated.

Tapeworms are acquired if the cat ingests an infected flea or when cats hunt and eat prey such as mice. All kittens should be treated for tapeworms at least once and adults should be treated based on lifestyle factors.

Heartworm Disease
Ironically, Heartworm disease does not affect a cat’s heart, but his or her lungs. The parasite is carried by mosquitoes so both indoor and outdoor cats are at risk. In our area, approximately 5% of all cats test positive for exposure to heartworm disease.  Infected cats can die or be damaged for life. There is no cure for the disease; it can only be managed.

Year-round Protection

Year-round parasite control plan for both external and internal parasites not only protects your cat but your family members as well.  As stated earlier, we recommend Revolution.  Use the link above to shop for the product on our secure online pharmacy.  Manufacturer discounts are typically available.