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World’s Most Intelligent Dog Dies

Death of the ‘World’s Most Intelligent Dog’ rekindles a discussion on animal intelligence.

Guide Dogs For The Blind: How dogs are trained to see for the visually impaired

In 1927, a visionary woman set her sights on training dogs to help blind veterans.  After partnering with a blind man, they trained their first ‘Seeing Eye’ dog, and the lives of thousands of visually impaired people changed forever. What’s the...

Adopted Rescue Dog Had Rabies

A family adopts a dog with rabies. The story sparks a discussion on rabies disease and the value of vaccination.

Coyotes in Rockland County: Evolving, adapting, thriving

Coyote hybrids have been sighted in Nanuet, Stony Point, Valley Cottage,  Nyack, Congers, New City, and Pomona.  According to Cornell University, 20-30K live in NY State and roughly 20 live in the NYC metro area, leaving only Long Island and Brooklyn left...

The Domestication of the Wolf and the Modern Dog

More than 20,000 years ago, primitive men (and women) in Asia and Western Europe domesticated wolves and man’s best friend was born. With the help of domesticated wolves, humans settled into domesticated life, and the world changed forever.

Toxoplasmosis and Pregnancy Risks

Pregnant women should take precautions to avoid exposure to cat feces and any other source of contamination by Toxoplasma gondii while they are pregnant. If you are pregnant, here are the facts you need to know.

The Retriever, Rockland’s Most Popular Breed

For 25 years, the Labrador Retriever has been America’s most popular dog according to the American Kennel Club.  The Golden Retriever ranks number 3. At Rockland, this breed is consistently number 1.

How To Pick The Right Pet To Adopt

Deciding which pet to adopt is sometimes hard, especially if there are a lot of choices...everybody is so cute!     Here are some tips to help you make the right decision. Adopt When You're Ready, Not When You're Asked   Be careful if someone...

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