They Care About My Pet and ME!

“My son got a rat snake when he was in junior high, but when he went to college, he became my responsibility.  Dr. Puzio has been great helping me to understand how to keep him (her?) healthy, how to safely handle him, and to keep him well. Thank you very much, Dr. Puzio. You’re the best!

Karen B.

Rockland Veterinary Hospitals have experience examining and treating lizards, snakes and turtles.

Basic Wellness

Snakes, lizards and turtles can live a long time.  Allow us to provide your reptile annual well care. We can handle your pet safely and gently and have all the equipment we need to take routine specimens for testing.


Reptiles have specific nutritional needs if they are going to live healthy lives in your care.  Use the phone icon below to reach out to us and discuss what you are feeding your pet. We’ll share with you our thoughts on the nutritious foods you can provide your pet that he or she will find both nutritious and delicious.


Reptiles require specific heat, moisture and light levels.  Reach out to us for assistance with setting up your reptiles terrarium.

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